Investigator-Initiated Research

SpringWorks is committed to supporting Investigator-Initiated Research (IIR) to advance medical and scientific knowledge relating to its product candidates and current therapeutic areas of interest.

SpringWorks will consider unsolicited research proposals submitted electronically, by external investigators interested in studying SpringWorks products or product candidates in therapeutic areas of interest. SpringWorks will consider research proposals for clinical, preclinical, and non-interventional/observational studies as part of this program.

SpringWorks receives many requests for research support. Research support decisions are based on a careful evaluation of the scientific rigor of the research proposal submitted, the expertise and track record of the investigator, feasibility of support and the strategic interests of SpringWorks.

Interested investigators may submit research proposals for review by SpringWorks in respect of the following product candidates:

  • Nirogacestat
  • Mirdametinib

SpringWorks shall have no obligation to maintain the confidentiality of submitted research proposals and documents. This statement shall not supersede or otherwise affect the terms of any existing agreements between SpringWorks and the institution/investigator on whose behalf a research proposal is being submitted.

Committee Meetings

All proposals will be reviewed by SpringWorks’ IIR Program Committee, which is comprised of a cross-functional team.

If approved, the IIR Program typically provides a research grant in the manner of funding and/or supply of study drug or materials. SpringWorks provides no guarantees that it will provide support for submitted proposals. The terms under which SpringWorks will provide support will be set forth in a written agreement.

The IIR Program Committee routinely meets to review IIR proposals. Proposals will be accepted on a rolling basis with no defined submission deadlines. Incomplete submissions may cause a delay in the Committee’s review and response.

    Submission Guidelines and Proposal

    Please complete as many fields as possible and submit this form along with curriculum vitae to SpringWorks Therapeutics. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are preferred fields of information, but are not required.

    If you do not wish to use the form below, you may submit a concept proposal using the “upload” feature at the bottom of this page and clicking “submit”.

    General Information



    Will placebo be required?


    Principal Investigator

    Study Coordinator (Optional)

    Additional sub-sites planned?


    Study Information

    Study Title*

    Study Type*


    Study Objective(s) and Hypothesis*

    Study Background/Rationale*Include key literature citations and preliminary data

    Study Design*

    Primary Endpoint(s)*

    Secondary Endpoint(s)

    Clinical: Target Enrollment (N)*

    Nonclinical: Number of animals/groups/blocks*

    Clinical: Estimated Time for Patient Accrual (Enrollment)

    Nonclinical: Estimated Time to Complete Data Collection

    Estimated Study Completion Date

    Statistical Analysis Plan(descriptive, inferential) and justification for type of analyses, sample size and how it is powered (if applicable)

    If investigator-IND is to be filed with FDA, does PI/institution have resources to support such a filing?


    Support Requested

    Other Resources Requested(PK analysis, biostats funding, etc.)

    Other Sources of Funding and TimelinesOther funding agencies/pharmaceutical companies, grant deadlines, and funding timelines

    Additional Relevant Information

    Additional Supplemental/Supporting DocumentsPlease upload any additional documents you wish SpringWorks to receive with your proposal. We request that you do not share full-text published journal articles. If desired, you may use the text box below to provide references to relevant background literature.

    CV of principal investigator included?


    Supplemental/Supportive background literature provided?


    Contact Us

    If you have any questions, please send an email to